Johnny Aries – “The Grave Is My Bed Tonight”

Johnny AriesThis may be only one man’s opinion, but you can never be too heavily influenced by The Smiths. More, I say! More jangling guitars, more bouncing basslines and more maudlin lyrics, preferably referring to graves!

That’s why the new Johnny Aries track, ” The Grave Is My Bed Tonight” is so appealing. Go ahead, try to listen to it without hearing circa-1986 Mozzer and Marr.

And, just in case you needed more proof of Aries’ fealty to a certain quartet of Salford lads, here’s a special bonus – an excellent cover of “Back to the Old House,” a favorite of Smiths’ devotees everywhere.

Ladies and gentlemen of the jury, I rest my case.

The debut solo record from the latest addition to The Drums, “Unbloomed,” comes out August 26 on French Kiss.