Johnny Marr – “Easy Money”

Johnny Marr Johnny Marr is the Smith we need now.

As his former bandmate descends further into his unique brand of curiously indefensible madness, Marr, ever the workman, soldiers on, dropping solid albums laced with his signature sparkling guitar work and vocals that are growing more confident with every passing track. No longer content to dabble on a vertigo-inducing array of side projects, Marr stepped into the spotlight with 2013’s fantastic “The Messenger” – and, if the track “Easy Money” is any indication, this year’s Playland will do much more than simply soothe the psychic wounds of jilted-feeling Smiths devotees.

“Easy Money,” a romper of a guitar dance tune, is the lead single off “Playland,” which drops on October 6. And Smiths fans, I say this as one of you and with utmost love – forget about trying to keep up with the crazy. Do yourself a favor and jump on the Marr-wagon.