Moonface – “City Wrecker”


Moonface is Spencer Krug and sometimes some other people, but mostly it’s Spencer. He’s been in a lot of bands, many of which are still around, including (but not limited to) Frog Eyes, Sunset Rubdown, Swan Lake, Fifths of Seven and Wolf Parade.

This new song is spare and sad and eerie. Mr. Krug was been living and working in Helsinki for a time and this song evokes the starkness and isolation of his surroundings. He’s just moved to Vancouver Island since he has “used up” Helsinki. “City Wrecker” is the title track of the new Moonface EP which is out September 16. Here’s how Spencer explains what “City Wrecker” means:

“I have a tendency to wreck the places I live. I am a luster scraper; a green grass imaginer. I wreck places emotionally, as in, even though they stay the same objectively, they somehow worsen in my heart. I wreck their meaning, and so ultimately their function. No more crackling inspiration. I waste my own time. I get bored. I turn gardens into dust bowls.”

Check out the song below.