2:54 – “In The Mirror”


You can tell that sisters Colette and Hannah Thurlow of the British band 2:54 are brainy because the first sentence of their Wikipedia page uses the verb “comprise” correctly, a very rare feat these days. Colette also claims to have found the inspiration for their new album’s title from the writing of Percy Bysshe Shelley, at which point you’re probably tempted to stop reading and turn on Family Guy.

Well, never fear, because despite any outward pretensions the Thurlow sisters’ music is also propulsive and sexy and intriguing. There’s no lack of Kate Bush influence in what they do, but with more rock and none of the annoying vocal trills. It probably helps that they used to have a punk band called The Vulgarians.

2:54’s second album is called The Other I and it’s out on November 11th. Here’s track 3, “In The Mirror”: