Chaos Chaos – “Breaker”

chaos chaos

Remember Smoosh? They were the adorable sisters out of Seattle that released their first record in 2004 when they were 10 and 12, and got a lot of attention for being talented and bouncy and charming. You know, these girls:


Well, Asya and Chloe are all grown up and now are called Chaos Chaos. Asy (as she likes to be called) has also done some excellent work with Daydream Vacation and Head Like a Kite over the last few years. If you like Tegan and Sara or similarly slick and seductive pop, then you’ll enjoy Chaos Chaos. They may be a bit older, but the girls women still know what they’re doing.

The new Chaos Chaos EP called Committed to the Crime is out October 7!

  • snidely

    i loved smoosh.

    • SoundItOut