John Wesley Coleman III – “The Love That You Own”

John Wesley Coleman III

photo by Ángel Delgado-Reyes

It just so happens that two things I’m wanting to write about are dovetailing perfectly. I listened to John Wesley Coleman III’s new release “The Love That You Own” and was formulating a review in my head that would mention how many genres he playfully mixes together: is it garage rock? R&B? Blues? Pop? Country-ish? Yes. And No. All of my friends in the Austin music scene go to his shows, no matter what style of music they play.

The second item in the review in my head was John Wesley Coleman III’s authenticity. He’s just so obviously being himself. He’s not trying to impress anyone or achieve anything. It seems like he would be writing and playing these songs even if he were a hermit living in a cave. It’s just who he is; it’s what he does. And I’m grateful to be invited to listen.

The third item in this up-to-now-imaginary review is that John Wesley Coleman III’s music is totally bad-ass, but still family friendly. You could play it at a family reunion picnic and everyone would love it. The kids would dance, the grown-ups would kick back and grab a beer, the grandparents would smile, and even image-conscious teens would have to admit they liked it . . . whatever it was.

So, here’s the dovetailing part: I’m simultaneously reading Tracey Laird’s history of the Austin City Limits TV show in preparation for interviewing her and going to her reading at Bookpeople next week. And guess what? Everything I wanted to say about John Wesley Coleman III fits in perfectly with everything Tracey Laird was saying about what Austin City Limits came to mean to people: good music that transcends labels, authenticity, and of course, it has to be fit for broadcasting on national TV.

There you go. I sincerely hope to see John Wesley Coleman III on Austin City Limits sometime soon. I can’t think of anyone else who embodies the spirit of the show more than he does.

On a serendipitous side note:  John Wesley Coleman III will be playing at the North Door on October 1st, the same night as Tracey Laird’s event at Bookpeople.  I guess I’ll be going to both! Here’s the title song from his new record The Love That You Own that came out this week.

Upcoming Shows — please note what he’s doing on Oct 7.  I love this guy.

6pm RVRB RECORDS 2404 East 7th Street with Full Band @ 6pm
7:15pm Street Legal Guitar Shop “solo acoustic” sponsored by Schlitz!
Walter Daniels & Ralph White will do a set too!

and then we play at THE GRAND on airport blvd @9:30

OCT 1st-at the ND with Ruby  & Early Stages

OCT 2nd in Fort Worth at Freds Cafe  with Wreckless Eric

OCT 7th 20×2 ..i do performance art/painting to the Jeffersons tv theme song

Oct 15th  at Hotel Vegas

Oct 23rd CMJ BURGER RECORDS PARTY AT DEATH BY AUDIO we play early 7pm ??

NOV 15th at THE ND

NOV  21st in Oakland, CA at THE NITELITE “solo acoustic”    w/”Midnight Snaxx” “Bad Daddies”

NOV 22nd at THE HEMLOCK San Francisco, CA “solo acoustic with GREG ASHLEY”