Communions – “So Long Sun”

CommunionsIf there were an award for “least-used descriptive phrase in rock writing,” I’d wager that “Danish quartet” is somewhere close to being on the final ballot. Let’s face it – aside from Mew and the Raveonettes, you don’t hear of too much in the way of rock coming out of Denmark, that smallest of Scandinavian countries. But, if Communions are any indication of the kind of home-grown talent that Copenhagen’s sitting on these days, that’s about to change. And, given the sound of the band’s new single, we’d all benefit from hearing more out of the land of Hans Christian Andersen.

Checking in like some unholy union of the Cocteau Twins and the Stone Roses, “So Long Sun” is a reverb-soaked rocker that layers soaring vocals on tremulous guitars and keeps propelling it forward with an increasingly-insistent drumbeat until it peaks around the four-minute mark. It’s insistent without being needy, forceful without being overbearing and, in short, just the kind of track you want to let wash over you in the dying moments of the day. “So Long Sun,” indeed.

“So Long Sun,” the newest from sure-to-be-great Danes (come on, you knew it was coming) Communions, drops officially in digital and physical formats on Tough Love Records November 10. The band has yet to list any North American dates on their website, but if you’re in London or Copenhagen, you can see them live on November 10 and December 5, respectively.