Kodiak Deathbeds: the tiniest supergroup

kodiak deathbeds

I’m not sure you can call Kodiak Deathbeds a supergroup, since it only has two people in it. But in this case, they’re two of the most versatile and talented musicians around. Derek Fudesco is an excellent guitarist who went from playing filthy, big chord rock anthems in Murder City Devils to post-punk squalls in Pretty Girls Make Graves to intricate multi-part rhythms for Cave Singers.

Amber Webber is similarly all over the place, singing like a banshee in the stoner-rock band Black Mountain while taking on a much more introspective and vulnerable tone with the contemplative/electronic group Lightning Dust.

Judging by the two songs they’ve made public, Kodiac Deathbeds takes a sparer, more intimate approach than any of the bands listed above. I got in touch with Derek, who told me that they have recorded seven songs thus far and in December are going back into Colin Stewart’s Victoria, BC studio The Hive to finish the record. No label or specific release plans yet.

In the meantime, we have these two beautiful songs to tide us over.