Ricked Wicky – “Mobility”

Robert Pollard

As we posted last month, the inimitable and unstoppable Robert Pollard continues to rock. One of his two latest projects is Ricked Wicky, whose first (and if this one matches the longevity of previous Pollard-led bands other than Guided By Voices, also last) release is I Sell The Circus.

Pollard, joined on this project by Kevin March, Todd Tobias, and Nick Mitchell, calls Ricked Wicky “a sophisticated arena rock band.” The first released track “Mobility” lives up to his hype. The full record comes out in February.

For now, enjoy “Mobility” and the song titles that will accompany it:

01 “Well Suited”
02 “Death Metal Kid”
03 “Guts”
04 “Cow Headed Moon”
05 “Piss Face”
06 “Even Today And Tomorrow”
07 “Intellectual Types”
08 “Uranus Flies”
09 “The Important Girl”
10 “Frenzy Of Blame”
11 “Mobility”
12 “Tomorrow”
13 “Miles Of Concentration”
14 “Rotten Backboards”
15 “A Real Stab”