Civil Twilight – “Story of an Immigrant”

Civil TwilightSometimes it feels so good to let go into a bit of aural nostalgia, which isn’t to say that this new Civil Twilight track doesn’t have forward moving edge, but there’s enough large percussion to let me revisit my love for a certain Peter Gabriel tune that was played on a boombox in an awesome Cameron Crowe movie, along with a tenor-flecked-and-quivery voice reminding me of the vocalist for a particular Irish outfit with a letter&number in their name, who became quite famous.

But enough about my childhood, this Civil Twilight track is really an excellent bit of staccato rhythm and groove, building on itself like rock blocks until a cool and pretty powerful sound house comes together that seems strong enough to even dance inside of. There’s a lot of joy in this track, so whether flashback or fast forward, “Story of an Immigrant” sends a hopeful melodic message with not even a drop of dour.