Dee Dee (Dum Dum Girls) – Best of 2015


Dee Dee from Dum Dum Girls put together a splendidly-curated list of 2015’s highlights!

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Favorite Albums:
I’ve been obsessed with The Weeknd’s The Beauty Behind The Madness. It’s phenomenal and inspiring, and strangely, there are a few eerily similar topics/lyrics on my next album. I took that as a very good omen.

Favorite Books:
Reread a favorite, James Baldwin’s Giovanni’s Room. Just began Douglas Coupland’s Life After God so have a bit of time to determine how it fares within 2015.

Favorite Movies:
Loved Girlhood though I think it was released in 2014. Saw Ex Machina in Hollywood and it was proper mindfuck.

Places you traveled in 2015:
Pretty stationary year for me, spent writing and then recording an album. It was bizarre to finally have a year more or less “home” and realize maybe home is New York City. Did however just visit my lifelong fantasy destination: Hawaii. My dad got married in Kauai and we spent the week prior taking road trips along the coast, hiking, snorkeling, and surfing. I finally gave up the ghost of paleness (established in 1995 when I “went goth”) and embraced my natural skin color. Sunbathed everyday and now have the highly coveted tanlines of a cliche 70s centerfold.

Pet names:
We adopted a tabby-Siamese kitten in June as a companion for our three-year-old Jean-Micheal. My husband named him Henry Miller — to which I was at first opposed but almost immediately realized was spot on, though I typically regard the little one as Henri or Henrietta.

BONUS (from Amy)! Check out “Red Sun” – a collaboration Dum Dum Girls did with Merchandise. I’m excited to see what both bands do next year.