H. Hawkline – “Engineers”


Summer changes everything, doesn’t it? In other seasons, the lackadaisacal indie rock of H. Hawkline could sound a bit daffy, possibly irritating to a body trying to stay warm and get shit done. Then June arrives, the days grow longer, the pressure eases, and now exploring the pointillist arrangement and pleasing bop of his latest single “Engineers” sounds like a great idea. Try pairing this track with a lemony sativa to optimize your inspirational buzz.

If the offbeat melodicism of H. Hawkline’s music sounds a little like Cate Le Bon, that’s no coincidence: she not only hails from Wales like Hawkline but also co-produced his new album, I Romanticize. Recorded in L.A., it draws upon the talents of local all-stars like Warpaint drummer Stella Mozgawa to offer a surprisingly Silverlake experience. Alright, I’m not gonna try to talk H Hawkline up anymore. Tracks like the mellow “Last Thing On Your Mind” are either gonna pull you in or they’re not, but I’m guessing they will if you let them.


I Romanticize is out today on Heavenly Recordings.