DMA’s – “Laced”

dmasDMA’s are three best friends from Newton, Australia. They released a single in February and have another coming next month, but that’s it so far. There’s something strangely savant-ish about these guys – they’ve hardly released any music, but it’s catchy beyond belief and they’re producing it themselves.

The video for their new single “Laced” starts out and seems like an amateurish, half-assed waste of time – pasty dudes not giving a shit about lip-syncing or doing anything interesting. BUT WAIT! If you hang out a little longer, the video starts getting weird, the song is suddenly under your skin, and you can’t help respecting the guys for messing with you a little bit. It’s a jangly, optimistic-sounding gem of a song.

DMA’s might not be English, but they might well be the future of Britpop. Let’s hope an album comes soon.

The “Laced” single is out on 11/14.