Sound it Out was a regular feature I wrote for Boing Boing. That was a lot of fun, but I couldn’t come close to listening to all of the music that was being sent my way. So I’ve invited a bunch of friends who happen to be great writers and we’re going to create a great destination to learn about new music. No one is being paid and this site will not have ads.

One thing that we will not do is post negative reviews. I can confidently report that there is an endless supply of shitty music out in the world, and I’d much rather put energy into recommending what’s good instead of whining about what isn’t. I’ve known and worked with a lot of musicians over the years, and regardless of the quality of their work, they all cared deeply about making something great and passionate and true. There’s no reason to further wound someone who has already chosen a difficult artistic path.

If you like something you hear on Sound it Out, please buy the music or support the artist on tour. The music business is a mighty rough one and musicians need to be compensated for their art.

Thanks for stopping by.


AMY SEIDENWURM (Los Angeles, CA) – Amy is the Editor and Founder of Sound it Out. She worked in the record business at Enigma, Elektra, Virgin and Sub Pop before she got sucked into the technology vortex.  She runs digital marketing for the Los Angeles Philharmonic and The Hollywood Bowl and is not a tall person.

ARCHIE MOORE (Washington, DC) – Archie lives in Silver Spring, Maryland, and is a sound designer and audio mixer for television, radio, and documentaries. He used to be in a bunch of bands, including Velocity Girl, Black Tambourine, and Lilys, and  recorded and mixed records for other bands, including The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart.

BLUE DERKIN (Chicago, IL) – Blue Derkin is a California refugee currently based somewhere in the Midwest. When he’s not writing about music, Blue does the digital and social media thing for a variety of clients and tries not to crash his new motorcycle.

BUZZY JACKSON (Boulder, CO) – Buzzy Jackson’s newest book is “The Inspirational Atheist: Wise Words on the Wonder and Meaning of Life” (Penguin/Plume). She writes for the Boston Globe and on her own blog at Buzzy lives in Boulder, Colorado and she believes that, some day, Nick Cave and PJ Harvey will get back together. They just have to.

JULIA WARD (Los Angeles, CA) – Julia Ward is a Los Angeles-based writer and former performing arts producer. She was a contributor to the Future of Music Coalition’s international copyright and compensation research, was nicknamed “Scientific Terrific” by Pee Wee Dance of the Rock Steady Crew, and appears for, like, a split-second in Jem Cohen’s Fugazi documentary Instrument. It is well within the realm of possibility that, last night, a DJ saved her life.

JULIE CARROLL (Austin, TX) – Julie misspent her youth buying used records and going to shows in L.A. until 1988 when she went on to do more of the same in Austin.

LAUREN SPENCER (New York, NY) – Lauren has enjoyed the music bizness from the inside out while writing and editing for Rolling Stone, Spin and other national magazines, and doing video promotion for Elektra records. Currently, while still working in the NYC publishing industry, she’s most happy being on the outside looking in on all things musical.

LEONARD NEVAREZ (Upstate NY) –  A sociology professor in upstate New York, Leonard Nevarez is patiently waiting until his kids are old enough for a family roadtrip to Maryland Deathfest.  He blogs about the intersection of urban studies and popular music at

RUSSELL BATES (Los Angeles, CA) – Russell discovered indie rock and Amy Seidenwurm at UCLA in the 1980s and has been a big fan of both ever since. He’s a veteran director of commercials, music videos, television, and documentaries, and you can follow his work at

TRUCK TORRENCE (Los Angeles, CA) – Designed this site and many others. Check out his illustration and design work at 100% Soft.