Julie Carroll

Julie misspent her youth buying used records and going to shows in L.A. until 1988 when she went on to do more of the same in Austin.

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The Gotobeds – Newly Signed to Sub Pop

These fellows from Pittsburgh do not take themselves too seriously despite their serious punk rock cred based on having two members who were in the much respected band Kim Phuc, and that is SO refreshing. The members of The Gotobeds have made-up names that aren’t even clever, which is really charming. They make light-hearted and […]

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Julie Carroll – Best of 2014

Julie Carroll’s rock-centric best of 2014 list! Check out all of our 2014 year-end lists here. 1. Spot – The Sounds of Two Eyes Opening (book) Rare scenes of SoCal punk and beach culture in the 70’s & 80’s. Amazing photography from the legendary producer of SST bands. 2. Trans Upper Egypt – Trans Upper Egypt (album) […]

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SPOT – The Sounds of Two Eyes Opening

It kind of started with Ryan Richardson expressing interest in seeing Spot’s pictures of the Black Flag Polliwog Park show. That was the one where, on July 22 1979, Black Flag got on the bill for a family-friendly park event in Manhattan Beach as a Fleetwood Mac cover band. HA! Then they start playing, and it’s […]

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Trans Upper Egypt – “Trans Upper Egypt”

Do you like tripped-out fucked-up psychedelic punk garage rock with indecipherable, highly digitized vocals? Then you have come to the right place! According to their press release, Trans Upper Egypt “broke into our realm from Eastern Rome where concurrently they run their very own DIY space/venue called Forte Fanfulla . . .” Broke into our […]

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Austin City Limits: A History

Austin City Limits recently celebrated the 40th Anniversary of its first television episode — one that featured Willie Nelson and aired on October 17, 1974. Tracey E.W. Laird’s new book, Austin City Limits: A History, is a really fun read that does a fantastic job of exploring the phenomenon of ACL – not just in […]

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John Wesley Coleman III – “The Love That You Own”

It just so happens that two things I’m wanting to write about are dovetailing perfectly. I listened to John Wesley Coleman III’s new release “The Love That You Own” and was formulating a review in my head that would mention how many genres he playfully mixes together: is it garage rock? R&B? Blues? Pop? Country-ish? […]

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