Inverloch – “Distance Collapsed (In Rubble)”


Reader, are you crushing it?

If you gave a half-hearted “woot” from your chair, I’m guessing you’re not crushing it right now. I’ll offer my case as an example. For the past week some virus has left me feverish like a baby, aching like an old man, and dripping snot like a leaky hose. Apologies for grossing you out, but my point is: I am not crushing it. But I’d like to. I need to!

So I’ll ask once again: Are you crushing it? Because if you’re not, I urge you to get on this heavy — I mean EXTREMELY HEAVY — metal from Inverloch and begin CRUSHING IT.

Do you need to know that this is the title track from the one of the year’s most anticipated debut albums in extreme metal? Or that this Melbourne, Australia group intuitively executes a cutting-edge fusion of doom metal and death metal? No, you probably don’t. You just need to turn this track up, summon that cookie monster growl from deep within your diaphragm, and crush it.

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Distance | Collapsed is out now on Relapse Records.