Lately it’s become clear to me than it ain’t sh*t if it doesn’t have a sense of humor. So thank the electronic stars for Joe Goddard. Best known for his role in beloved indietronica/electro-pop UK group Hot Chip, Goddard also served as half of the 2 Bears and as a songwriter, producer, DJ, remixer and is also co-founder of the influential record label Greco-Roman.

And now he’s delivered “Lose Your Love,” six minutes of smooth, pulsing grooviness powered by looping synths and Sister Sledge-esque backing vocals that lend the whole beautiful thing a sense of time travel, maybe to the early ’80s, when life was simple and easy. It wasn’t, but that’s how “Lose Your Love” will make you feel.

It may not be a Hot Chip record but “Lose Your Love” bears many of the distinctive aspects of that band’s output, including a decidedly lo-fi video focusing on some kind of alien guru cult called Colour Spectrum… it won’t make sense if I explain it; just watch it. As with many of Hot Chip’s videos, this one makes a point of bringing electronic dance music out of the club and into the lives of regular–really regular–people and the quiet insanity of their (our) everyday lives.

The song is uplifting and beautiful and the video will make you laugh. Can one ask more from a cultural offering at the end of 2016? No, one cannot. Check it out. Enjoy it. Thank Joe Goddard for making something of real value: a great dance song you can not only dance to, but laugh to.