Kevin Morby – “Dorothy”


I’ve been listening to the new Kevin Morby record incessantly for days now – mostly because it’s great, but also to try and figure out how it differs from albums we’ve all heard a million times. Sure, these are atmospheric songs about wanderlust and truth-seeking, and yeah, you will easily recognize Morby’s influences throughout, but the music doesn’t feel the least bit contrived or derivative.

Don’t believe me? Listen to “Dorothy”:

You might know Morby from Brooklyn bands Woods and The Babies, but he moved to LA a few years ago and started releasing solo records soon thereafter. His new one is called Singing Saw and is his third release in as many years. It has a sunny optimism that I find impossible to resist. Maybe I like it so much because Morby now lives in my neighborhood and the songs feel like home to me, though I’d bet they they’ll feel similarly comfortable to you, wherever you are.

Kevin Morby’s Singing Saw comes out April 15 on Dead Oceans.