Little May – “Home”

“It’s an old song, revisited. It had been written three years prior, from a place where a sense of belonging was being constantly chased.” That’s how Little May, the Sydney, Australia-based trio of Annie Hamilton, Liz Drummond, and Hannah Field describe their new release, “Home.” It makes sense, considering the runaway success they’ve had touring the world since releasing their eponymous first EP in 2014. “Home” is the first single to be released from their forthcoming album, “For the Company,” due in October.

The dark, dreamy tune manages to balance a feeling of melancholy with a compulsively toe-tapping beat. It’s the kind of trick The National is known for, which explain The National’s Aaron Brooking Dessner role in recording and producing the new album at Future Past Studios, a converted church in Hudson, New York.

The stark black and white video for “Home” includes CCTV footage of the band recording the song as well as footage of New York City, providing a moody, abstract canvas for the band’s soaring overlaid vocals and washes of guitar and piano.

Their sound has been described by the Australian press as “ghost folk” and while “Home” isn’t particularly folky, there’s definitely a pleasantly unearthly vibe to all their songs. If you’re a fan of Wye Oak or Mazzy Star, you’ll want to check out the lovely, luminous Little May.