Lauren Spencer

Lauren has enjoyed the music bizness from the inside out while writing and editing for Rolling Stone, Spin and other national magazines, and doing video promotion for Elektra records. Currently, while still working in the NYC publishing industry, she's most happy being on the outside looking in on all things musical.

Posts by Lauren

The Dandy Warhols – “STYGGO”

The acronymic (yes, I did just use that word) meaning of this song title is becoming my mantra: Some Things You Gotta Get Over. And especially during this time of crazed election crap-assery, I’ve been searching for something to latch onto or breathe through or what have you. More than that, though, this tune—the second […]

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Esperanza Spalding “Good Lava”

Esperanza Spalding is one cool chick blending boundaries on the tune “Good Lava”—the first track from her upcoming Emily’s D+Evolution (March 4/Concord)—like silly putty, rolling over a rock riff here, imprinting a funky bass line there, while jazz beats flow down the sides like some hot molten stuff that makes you wanna go all Pompeii […]

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Lauren Spencer – Best of 2015

Lauren has list! You can check out all our Best of 2015 lists here. 1. M Train by Patti Smith tops my list for most amazing trip I’ve taken all year without actually leaving my apartment. Her ability to transport through words is unmatched. 2. And while we’re on the topic, the 40th anniversary of Horses. Yes, really. 3. Royal […]

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Briana Marela – “Take Care of Me”

There are certain songs that can be slightly unnerving to listen to while on the streets of New York City because they lull me with such trance-like beauty that I’m bound to either be run over by a truck while jaywalking across the street or miss my stop on the subway to work. I know […]

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Royal Blood live

Two guys walk into a stadium. One’s carrying a bass guitar, the other a pair of drumsticks. This ain’t no joke with a punchline waiting in the wings, unless you consider the fact that two guys tucked away in the corner of the CitiField stadium stage can make as much bombastically awesome rock [BAR] happen […]

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