Briana Marela – “Take Care of Me”

Screen Shot 2015-08-10 at 4.21.25 PMThere are certain songs that can be slightly unnerving to listen to while on the streets of New York City because they lull me with such trance-like beauty that I’m bound to either be run over by a truck while jaywalking across the street or miss my stop on the subway to work. I know this problem can be easily remedied. I could a) cross at the crosswalk, b) stop going to work, or c) give in to these musical stylings when I know they will make me feel the best, say, whenever I need to relax and enjoy a beautiful voice and musical vibe. Choices a) and b) would be awesome, but c) is the winner right now when it comes to Briana Marela‘s “Take Care of Me.” It’s the second single off her debut album All Around Us on Jagjaguwar, which is out on August 21. Produced by Alex Somers (Sigur Ros) in Reykjavic, Briana’s vocals are ethereal but also wonderfully playful.

Less airy fairy and more winking earthbound. I refuse to make a Bjork comparison here. Briana does have a lovely impish quality that calls to mind the wood-nymphs she may have come in contact with in the surrounding Evergreens of her hometown state of Washington, but she also has the lyrical savvy of her native city of Seattle, a combination that works really well whether frolicking in the city or among the trees.