Lauren Spencer

Lauren has enjoyed the music bizness from the inside out while writing and editing for Rolling Stone, Spin and other national magazines, and doing video promotion for Elektra records. Currently, while still working in the NYC publishing industry, she's most happy being on the outside looking in on all things musical.

Posts by Lauren

Lucie Silvas “Unbreakable Us”

So often where a musician is from or calls home locks them in a little box with a label slapped on that reads “[fill in genre here].” This ain’t no new concept, duh. It’s called marketing and helps keep the music-biz-masters knowing where to slip&slot the songs and albums they work with. But sometimes, even […]

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Lauren Spencer – Best of 2014

Behold Lauren Spencer’s best of 2014 list! Check out all of our 2014 year-end lists here. 1. Only Lovers Left Alive soundtrack  – because damn if it didn’t make me realize that lute’s rock even if it’s just being held by a rockin’ vampire.  Director Jim Jarmusch composed the music with his band SQÜRL in collaboration with Jozef […]

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Mahaut Mondino – “The Great Elements”

Can a girl get a witness? Because the mesmerizing moves Mahaut Mondino slides into during this video for “The Great Elements,” which is on her debut EP out in early 2015, hold on like temptation. I’m not talking long spikey strides across the boards like Beyoncé, tho there’s nothing wrong with that, or gyrating, power […]

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Mourn – “Silver Gold”

Despite the fact that Girls makes me want to take a nap rather than get all nostalgic for my early days in NYC, and that I rejoice at the news that many of the hipsters who helped artfully colonize this metropolis are picking up and moving upstate, thereby reminding me how content I am to […]

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Hookworms “Off Screen”

Maybe it’s because I’m sitting in a coffeehouse smack-dab in the middle of an ivy-town collegiate setting and they’re streaming my youth over the sound speaker (ahhh: Simple Minds, The Cure, Psychedelic Furs) and not even ironically, I don’t think–although admittedly my irony meter has suffered a bit with age–but regardless, rather than slipping into […]

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Tkay Maidza – “Finish Them”

What’s up with the stomping? I know that’s what my downstairs neighbors are wondering after the steady 7 minutes of foot-on-floor bomp-bomp going on above them. No, I am not reenacting River Dance or entertaining the Stomp performers in my apartment. Yes, I am geeking out on this Australian singer, Tkay Maidza, whose 3.5 minute […]

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Buzzcocks – “It’s Not You”

Being a part of the Sound It Out experience brings the promise of both hearing and writing about new music, which is an aural island I’d floated away from of late. So I’m not sure what it says about me that this, my second post, while new by definition of “to be released November 18, […]

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Mozart’s Sister – “Good Thing Bad Thing”

As soon as the soulful waves of synth layered one on top of the other in this new single “Good Thing Bad Thing” by Mozart’s Sister (solo project of Caila Thompson-Hannant from Montreal) from the debut album Being on Asthmatic Kitty, I felt an instant kinship with the clear vocals and groovy beat that took […]

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