Mourn – “Silver Gold”

MournDespite the fact that Girls makes me want to take a nap rather than get all nostalgic for my early days in NYC, and that I rejoice at the news that many of the hipsters who helped artfully colonize this metropolis are picking up and moving upstate, thereby reminding me how content I am to be feet-up reading a book at 10 PM (or watching The Leftovers on the HBO…er), this band Mourn actually had me lamenting the fact that CBGB is closed because I would quite happily turn up at almost any hour to watch them peel the last remaining curls of paint off those walls.

Of course those four walls are freshly painted and now surrounding racks of men’s clothing that only well-off rock stars can afford. These fresh-faced Spanish teens could (and no doubt do) bring a paint-peeling dose of rawk wonder no matter where they play. I want to go to this party! Yes, Mourn channel big sound-swathes of Courtney meets PJ in a dark alley and they roll around screaming until Patti steps in, pulls them apart and tells them rock n’ roll is not dead, it’s just being housed in a group of 3 young women and 1 dude who don’t happen to speak English as their first language, and hallelujah! Enjoy the rock of Jazz (18), Carla (18), Leia (15) and Antonio (18)!