Lauren Spencer

Lauren has enjoyed the music bizness from the inside out while writing and editing for Rolling Stone, Spin and other national magazines, and doing video promotion for Elektra records. Currently, while still working in the NYC publishing industry, she's most happy being on the outside looking in on all things musical.

Posts by Lauren

Editors – “Marching Orders”

Putting one’s money where one’s mouth is, or rather contributing what comes out of a singer’s mouth (and band) to a good cause, is something that many musical outfits do to great effect. Editors are a band who subscribe to that way of thinking, their cause being Oxfam UK, which is an organization they’ve been […]

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Royal Blood – “Little Monster”

Bassist, singer Mike Kerr, 24, and drummer Ben Thatcher, 27, who are Royal Blood, slap and tap such an amazingly large sound that it’s almost hard to believe they take up so little human space. Just the two of them spooling out grinding, arena-rock-worthy songs that do truly rock in the best kind of way. […]

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Chastity Belt – “Joke”

Back when I worked at one particular national music magazine, said journal decided the way to connect with the kids was to send the staff to live at a college for one month and work with the journalism students there to write pieces on the local music scene. The thought was apparently that we big-city […]

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Bali High — Original Soundtrack

I jumped at the chance to travel to a place of rolling waves and white sands after the winter I and most of America (the world?) had to put up with—alright Californians, you did get an extra helping of sunshine, but still, water is serving up it’s own special problems for you. It didn’t even […]

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Civil Twilight – “Story of an Immigrant”

Sometimes it feels so good to let go into a bit of aural nostalgia, which isn’t to say that this new Civil Twilight track doesn’t have forward moving edge, but there’s enough large percussion to let me revisit my love for a certain Peter Gabriel tune that was played on a boombox in an awesome […]

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Twin Peaks – “In the Morning (in the Evening)”

These Chicago lads—and by lads I mean just that: tight-knit hanging with attitude—make a certain sound that belies their young age. Although initially on hearing “In the Morning (in the Evening),” they’re newest 7-inch release, I wondered how Lou Reed had managed to come back to earth to record with the Birthday Party, with some […]

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Mastodon – The Missing Link Tour and vinyl reissues

Did you know that April 18 is Record Store Day? What? Yes, an entire calendar day devoted to an actual brick-and-mortar joint that sells some stuff called vinyl. This is a happy thing for sure. This year’s is also an occasion when the turn-of-this-century metal band Mastodon will release a limited edition 12″ picture disc […]

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2:54 – “Crest”

As a kid reading my Creem magazine on a Sunday I would fantasize about being in a band where it was just me and the guys banging out a few tunes in the garage. I’d maybe sometimes include my best girlfriend in the equation just because it seemed I’d need someone who’d really understand me. […]

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