Twin Peaks – “In the Morning (in the Evening)”

Screen Shot 2015-02-08 at 5.21.50 PMThese Chicago lads—and by lads I mean just that: tight-knit hanging with attitude—make a certain sound that belies their young age. Although initially on hearing “In the Morning (in the Evening),” they’re newest 7-inch release, I wondered how Lou Reed had managed to come back to earth to record with the Birthday Party, with some Bobby Pickett-ish “Monster Mash” versing going on.

So imagine my joy at finding out that these real-live guys channel consistently classic pop fuzz that makes a girl want to shake her hips. The single was recorded old-school analogue, and given how excited guitarist Clay Frankel sounded in describing how they “plugged the guitar straight into the board for the solo and didn’t play anything that took longer than two or three takes” it’s clear that this particular youth is certainly not wasted on these young. Twin Peaks reminds me that music-making is an ongoing celebration of what’s been before and what’s hanging on the street corner of the future.