Kim Deal – “Biker Gone”

Kim Deal
It was such a pleasant surprise to have new Kim Deal video show up in my inbox just now. It’s for “Biker Gone”, the fifth release from Kim’s 7″ single series, which she launched early last year. It’s a great song, with haunted melodies like only Ms. Deal can provide. The line-up this time around features both Deal sisters and drummer Britt Walford, who played with them on the Breeders’ Pod and was also in Slint.

The clip was directed by Lance Bangs, who has made a shit ton of good videos. It seems to take place in a rec room at a funeral where the band is employed and also where they serve cafeteria-style food. I’m not going to spoil any of the other details for you.

“Biker Gone” came out today on limited-edition vinyl and digitally. You can get it and all of the other singles in the series at Kim’s website.