Leonard Nevarez

A sociology professor living in upstate New York, Leonard Nevarez is patiently waiting until his kids are old enough for a family roadtrip to Maryland Deathfest. He blogs at musicalurbanism.org and is writing a book about Martha & the Muffins and the late 70s/early 80s downtown Toronto music scene.

Posts by Leonard

Marvin Pontiac – The Asylum Tapes

Last Friday, a new collection of obscure blues legend Marvin Pontiac (1932-1977) surfaced. The Asylum Tapes appeared with no advance warning or publicity materials, just this statement: “Marvin Pontiac was anonymously sent a 4 track tape recorder during the years he was held at Esmerelda State Mental Institution. This is what he did with it.” […]

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Oh Sees / OCS

Holy crap, John Dwyer has made twenty albums in a little over ten years under Thee Oh Sees’ umbrella?! Like his buddy Ty Segall, Dwyer is so ridiculously prolific that it’s too easy to take Thee Oh Sees for granted. So let’s check in on what this garage/psych-rock icon has put out recently, shall we? […]

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Deradoorian / Exploded View / The Discussion

New releases begin to slow down this time of year, so Sound It Out is cleaning up around the office and making sure we don’t forget anything before our end-of-year “Best Of” list. We start with three exciting EPs.   Deradoorian – Eternal Recurrence In just two releases, Angel Deradoorian travels further and further away […]

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Angel Olsen – Phases

If you’ve read this far, chances are you already know who Angel Olsen is: the belle of the ball at the indie roots-rock hootenanny. What you really need to know: is her new collection of b-sides and rare cuts truly necessary? Well, yes! For one reason, Phases sees the return of the excellent band she […]

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Kelly Lee Owens – “More Than A Woman”

I still remember exactly where I was when I first heard Aaliyah: stuck in gridlock on the 101 Freeway in the San Fernando Valley, flipping through Los Angeles radio stations in my car. Abruptly, spacious, skittering beats thumped forth from the speakers and materialized an alternate reality, one inhabited by… crickets? Then a hushed voice […]

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Flat Duo Jets – Wild Wild Love

AHHOOOOWEEEE! An earth-shaking blast from the past lands in the form of a compilation of early material by the Flat Duo Jets. Many first discovered the twosome in the 1987 music documentary “Athens, GA: Inside/Out,” where their guitar-and-drums rockabilly pretty much stole the show from R.E.M. and their local comrades… and the Jets weren’t even […]

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Acetone – 1992-2001

Maybe it was all the pot I smoked back then, but Southern California in the mid-1990s sure seems idyllic in retrospect. Rent was still fairly cheap, and the biggest bother for music fans was wading through the glut of major-label product in the wake of Nirvana. This was the setting in which most of us […]

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metal melée: Elder, Briqueville, Sunrot

The days are getting shorter, the leaves are falling, the amplifiers are cranking to 11… It’s ROCKTOBER, everybody! To commemorate this merry month of rock, here’s a round-up of excellent new metal releases. Elder – Reflections Of A Floating World Elder formed a decade ago to create heavy metal music themed specifically to the legend […]

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