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Russell discovered indie rock and Amy Seidenwurm at UCLA in the 1980s and has been a big fan of both ever since. He’s a veteran director of commercials, music videos, television, and documentaries, and you can follow his work at

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Naomi Punk – “Television Man”

Naomi Punk make angular and exhausting music that emphasizes spartan, assaultive drumming, mysterious chords, and half-buried, yowling/crooning vocals. Their music is unsexy. It does not swing. It’s also completely compelling. Naomi Punk’s songs feel like fever dreams from the mind of an autistic schizophrenic (please note: I am NOT a mental health professional!) trying to […]

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White Fence – “Like That”

As briefly profiled in a recent LA Weekly piece, Tim Presley of White Fence is a highly prolific songwriter and musical jack-of-all-trades in the tradition of Robert Pollard, which may be why this song appealed to me so quickly. There aren’t many artists who can pull off this sort of naive garage/psychedelia sound without setting off […]

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Hooray For Earth – “Keys”

Hooray For Earth aren’t afraid of the bombast. Their forthcoming album Racy (to be released on July 29th) has lots of big guitars, drums, and synthesizer noises, all of which echo 80s landmarks ranging from Peter Gabriel’s “No Self Control” to Toto’s “Africa” (yes, really). “Keys” is the second track on the new record, and it […]

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