Robert Pollard Song Title of the Day (10/29): “Dog Licking Baby”

Robert Pollard STOTD WedsHere’s where we highlight our favorite song titles from the fantastic and prolific Robert Pollard. A new one every weekday!

“Dog Licking Baby” comes from Pollard’s partnership with Todd Tobias: Circus Devils. This song was on their 2005 record Five, which was their fourth release. The band’s fifth record, Sgt. Disco was originally planned to come out first, hence the naming (maybe).

Circus Devils made a video for “Dog Licking Baby” and “Artheroid Vogue”, which precedes it on the record. It’s strangely compelling:

There’s a new Circus Devils record called “Escape” out on November 11.

Thanks to the impressive Guided by Voices database for the information that makes this feature possible.