The Amazing – “Picture You”

The Amazing

Sometimes a record’s appeal is more about a mood or an overall sound than any specific elements. The last two records from The War on Drugs (Lost In The Dream and Slave Ambient), Junip’s 2013 self-titled release, and Lord Huron’s 2012 debut Lonesome Dreams have such distinctive tonal qualities that it’s easy to hear any album track and have it evoke the mood of the whole. Picture You, the new album from Sweden’s The Amazing is well, amazing like this.

Picture You manages to sound edgy and lush and immediately inviting all at the same time. It’s a weird thing to say, but it feels like a brand-new classic rock record. The band shares guitarist Reine Fiske with Dungen, and you can hear some of that band’s prog-rock elements sneak in there as well.

The record is today on Partisan Records and you’re sure to like it if you enjoy the title track below.