Toro y Moi – “Empty Nesters”


Chaz Bundick has been releasing records under the name Toro y Moi since 2010. His music tends to get categorized as variously synth/indie-pop/electronic/house/funk/r&b with the occasional touch of Latin and Disco, which just shows how many influences and interests this particularly talented guy brings to his work.

The lush, layered production style of even his earliest music is a striking contrast to some of his music videos, which are almost absurdly lo-fi and stream-of-consciousness (2011’s “New Beat”, for example).

The single “Empty Nesters” from Toro y Moi’s forthcoming LP What For?, due April 7, introduces a significant ’70s rock vibe (think Todd Rundgren, not The Eagles) to the mix while maintaining the feel-good, dance-friendly style that seems wired into his DNA. It’s a very appealing combination.

Bonus tip: Bundick also records as the more straight-up dance-focused Les Sins.