Alpine – “Foolish”

Have half-day Fridays for the summer begun already? Because I need to catch my charter plane and reach whichever tropical paradise is featured in this video by sundown. (Okay, maybe without the surface-to-air missiles… you’ll see what I mean.) The band is Alpine, from Melbourne, Australia, and their new single, “Foolish,” is the sound of a summer we all wish we could have, filled with champagne, flirting, mystery and music. I can’t remember the last time I fell for a group this hard on the basis of one video.

Their forthcoming album Yuck suggests this fully realized musical vision “Foolish” is no fluke. Alpine hit consistently with a glam R&B/pop that’s smart and intoxicating at the same time. Check out the skeletal construction of “Come On,” which demonstrates the group’s aptitude for the zen-like R&B of the XX and Dirty Projectors. Of course, vocalists Phoebe Baker and Lou James steal the show with teasing, breathy harmonies and BeyoncĂ© levels of confidence. When they coo, “Damn, baby,” you know they’re really just singing about themselves, as well they should.


Yuck comes out June 16 on Votiv Music.