Nic Hessler – I Feel Again

I first heard Nic Hessler when he was making waves on KXLU under the moniker Catwalk with a cover of Cleaners From Venus’ “Night Starvation.” He had a distinct dream pop lo-fi sound that I loved, but aside from a couple of 7 inches, he didn’t really have any proper releases. I was reassured that a full length was forthcoming so I sat tight and waited, and waited, and then waited some more. Fingers tapping. One of my most eagerly anticipated records just failed to show up.

4 years later, Nic dropped the Catwalk moniker and finally released his self-titled debut Soft Connections on Captured Tracks this past March. Little did I know, Nic had been battling an auto-immune disorder that basically left him incapacitated and unable to play music for years, so don’t I feel like the asshole.

Thankfully, Nic got healthy enough to complete his record and it’s a bright collection of jangly, power-pop jams that sounds like The Church doing some heavy vacationing in Malibu. Where Catwalk was very much rooted in lo-fi indie-pop, Soft Connections sounds very clean, polished and big. I’m stoked that Nic has gotten the opportunity to evolve his sound and i’m excited for what he’ll do next.

Here’s a bonus video of Night Starvation