Buzzcocks – “It’s Not You”

"It's Not You"
Being a part of the Sound It Out experience brings the promise of both hearing and writing about new music, which is an aural island I’d floated away from of late. So I’m not sure what it says about me that this, my second post, while new by definition of “to be released November 18, 2014,” is far from new by virtue of “we’ve only been together a year and this is our first album” or even “this whole touring/recording thing is totally new to us.” But that said, I don’t care. It’s the Buzzcocks for feck sake!?!? (Hence my labeling this post chestnut but in a really good way.)

They’re back with a new album out in mid-November called The Way as a follow-up to the 2006 release Flat – Pack Philosophy LP. Although Pete Shelley (vocals/guitars) and Steve Diggle (vocals/guitars) are the only two original (read: “Orgasm Addict” 1977 classic punk) members, Chris Remington (bass) and Danny Farrant (drums) have been along for the romp since 2008. I got a little scared when I hit the play button for this new single “It’s Not You” but damn damn damn if it didn’t make me smile&nod with the kick-in-the-gut familiarity combined with a very smart dose of  Aye-mate-we-got-this! attitude. But not in a lazy way, as if they are all just back in the studio/on the road because taxes in England are too high and they have lifestyles to support, but more in a kickass having fun kind of way. The slap-and-tickle bass and steady steady drumbeat a great foundation for Pete’s vocal drawl and Steve’s staccato guitar stabs and backup vocals. WHAT? 2014 by way of the 1970s. Fine with me. And for my next post maybe I’ll mix it up with a 2014 band taking on the 70s. But until then, please enjoy.