Django Django – “First Light”

Django Django

I was just pondering writing a post about the artists I hope will release new music in 2015, and Django Django was at the top of the list. Then, like Christmas (without all of the family obligations and head colds), a new song from them arrived today. The band is being a bit mysterious about when the new record is coming, but Ribbon Music will release it in the US. I’m just happy to hear new music from what was one of my favorite new bands of 2012.

“First Light” has the signature harmonizing vocals and big drums that made Django Django stand out last time around. It leans a bit more electronic than their first record, and also feels really confident and focused. This song was produced by Django Django’s drummer/mad-scientist David Maclean and by Neil Comber, who’s worked with the likes of MIA, Florence & the Machine and Emmy the Great.

I can’t wait to hear more.